Information for English speaking people

About us:
In 2016 the initiator Josef managed to work as a student and teacher at the lyceum.
M. P. Schetinin and the teachers and students at the time agreed that Josef could bring groups to immerse themselves in the special school system.
The International School, Sport and Culture Academy ISKA is a private organisation.

Our goals:
→ Dissemination of the school method of M.P. Schetinin — this method is applicable everywhere and for everyone.
→ Support in the development of new educational paths.

Here you can find seminar opportunities that mostly take place outside German-speaking countries and therefore will be translated into English or Spanish or, if necessary, into another language.
We are very happy if this special pedagogy finds the widest possible distribution.
You are also welcome to visit our seminars in Germany/Austria/Switzerland.
Mostly there will be someone who can at least translate into English – just ask!

One-day seminars:  (it is prerequisite for all further seminars!)

Children / youth / family seminars:

Registrations please with full name, address and telephone number (for children please note also their age)
please send to

Wishes and inquiries (including also all your data) please send to